The Online Portfolio of Mike Flynn

Mini 2015


The Mini workflow I setup and (still currently) run for DMAX was quite a challenge when I took over in 2012-2013. Mini is known well for its endless options and customizations. Each of their models, from the Clubman, Paceman, Countryman, Hard Top, Convertible, to the JCW models, are available in hundreds of configurations. Organizing an automotive library, (along with the various materials, paint swatches, shaders, wheel options, for the interior and exterior), was a monolith task, especially considering that all of the files were provided in German. In addition to the organizational challenges, I insisted on bringing the rendering standards into a linear workflow with Mental Ray for Maya.

The end result speaks for itself. The client and everyone involved were delighted with the rendering quality, reliability and turnaround time. Huge thanks to Oksana DiRicco, Brian Conway, Mike Gudz, and Darian Venza.